Çağrı merkezi

Vision & Mission

Ensure Sultangazi to reach an advanced city structure by attempting Urban Renewal process, with modern applications making difference in service management in Social, Culture, Environment, Economy, Tourism and urbanism area, sticking to participant effective management principle; and make it a district to be a candidate for BRAND CITY by producing policies constantly improving the life quality of the public.

Become a municipality “TO BE FOLLOWED NOT FOLLOWING THE OTHERS” with its rising value feature in the Metropolis in planning and management of the services under municipality works; Sultangazi Municipality adopted planning strategies to increase the life quality of the people of the district by applying a management process based on participant, innovative and strategic management in all service departments within its organization, to reach a strong economic structure by elevating the quality in its services advancing the service variety, and to be a municipality to be followed and used as an example with its structure keeping up with the time by making difference with its extraordinary municipality services structure in service management applications, and to be a candidate for being a brand city as its vision.

Sultangazi Municipality, in line with this vision, aims at increasing living quality of its fellow countrymen with the service understanding improving seamlessly, and producing and managing result oriented vision projects by adhering to the “participant, productivity” principles with all stakeholder 
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