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Cevher Dudayev Service Facility Sanal Tur

Cevher Dudayev Service Facility

Neighborhood Service Facilities prepared to fulfill many needs of people were opened in Ismetpasa neighborhood after Sultanciftligi neighborhood. Neighborhood Service Facilities named after Cevher Dudayev who started liberation struggle of Chechnya has the construction area of 11,260 sqm.

Cevher Dudayev Service Facilities

Cevher Dudayev Service Facilities includes Bazaar Area, car park, Family Healthcare Center, İSMEK, Information House, amphitheater, sport hall, disaster gathering point, PTT Bank, cafeteria and green area.

The facilityfulfilling physical location needs of all the neighborhood people is designed as muster point at disasters, and the bazaar areas are designed for cutting the animals at sacrifice fests.

Bazaar Area 

1000 counters exist in the modern closed bazaar area within Cevher Dudayev Service Facilities.

Sacrifice Animals Cutting Place

Service Facilities shall provide services in Sacrifice Fests. Cutting and crumbling of the animals shall be realized on monorail system as per EU standards.

Disaster Gathering Center

Cevher Dudayev Service Facilities is designed as “Disaster Gathering Place” in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster.

Family Healthcare Center

Piri Reis Family Healthcare Center is opened for service of people of Sultangazi.

Car park

It shall provide services as car park area as it will serve as animal slaughtering area only for sacrifice fests.

Green Area

Cevher Dudayev Service Facilities includes green area of  2.028 m². The facility includes recreational areas.

Information House

YGS Preparation, LYS Preparation, and Math, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Turkish, English courses for 5, 6, 7 and  class students shall be provided.


An area is available in which many open area events shall be organized including cinema show.

Sport Hall:

Training shall be provided in many sport branches by Sultangazi Municipality Sport Club.


A Cafeteria is available in order to ensure gathering of residents of the neighborhood and contribute development of social communication and neighborhood culture


ISMEK vocational courses are provided at the facility. Trainings are provided on wear, furnishing, point lace, English, Real Estate Agency, Painting, Diction and other branches.

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  • Telephone: 0212 475 25 97
  • GPS: 41.112492, 28.854561
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